computer science 1

This is the web page for GITA1. GITA1 is a computer science taught in the language of C#. I have made several projects year. I will be posting their description and executable for you to download.

Car Rental

Date: 09/29/16

This shows how much you have to pay for the car that you have rented


Date: 10/05/16

The BMI project tests your average height and weight.

Test Score Program

Date: 10/17/16

Enter two test scores and you program calculates the letter grade of each test based on a standard scale.

Multiple Language

Date: 10/24/16

Choose a flag and you can find out what goodbye means in other languages.

CRAPS game

Date: 10/26/16

You win with a roll of 7 or 11. You lose with a roll of 2,3, or 12.

Dice Program

Date: 10/24/16

Simulations to roll two dices

Slot Machine

Date: 11/03/16

Simulation of a Slot game

T-Shirt Program

Date: 11/10/16

Simulation of ordering a T-Shirt.

Rose bowl

Date: 12/05/16

It's a score keeper for two different colleges that attended the Rose bowl.


Date: 01/18/17

A predator chases the prey.

TicTacToe Program

Date: 01/30/17

Simulation of TicTacToe

Shooting Game

Date: 02/14/17

Simulation of shooting an enemy.

Star field

Date: 02/20/17

Simulation of random stars

AI Chase

Date: 03/19/17

Simulation of a chase between a ghost and pacman